Concentrate is the innovative search analytics tool designed for SEO and paid search professionals who want to make sense of search keyword data and make the most of search investments.
  • Target your SEO efforts
  • Identify areas where you could create new content to satisfy user interests
  • Optimize paid search campaigns
  • Create paid search campaigns with exact matches and longer phrases, delivering better results at lower cost
  • Understand customer needs
  • Get a clear picture of what customers are looking for beyond the top 1% of search queries

Concentrate eats up huge lists of search keyword data and spits out actionable results.

  • Connect directly to Google Analytics or upload search data files from any web analytics or competitive search data source
  • Identify search phrases with similar patterns to condense the long tail, e.g. “things to do in [place]”
  • Download categorized search phrases and pattern groups to CSV format
  • Visualize keyword relationships to see connections and performance of common word combinations
  • Summarize performance metrics to compare how visitors behave based on individual words or filtered sets of keywords
  • Consolidate queries that use navigational keywords and common entities (cities, states, etc.)

Concentrate will help you make the most of your search investments:

  • Get a clear and comprehensive picture of visitor needs
  • Identify areas where you could create new content to satisfy expressed user interests
  • Find words, patterns and queries that convert at the highest rate to optimize your paid search campaigns
  • Discover new search phrases for your paid campaigns based on natural search results
  • See the difference between how people search on your site versus competitors sites
  • Build targeted ad groups based on common search patterns
  • Stop wasting time trying to analyze text data with Excel or general-purpose web analytics tools