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MetroLyrics SEO Keywords

Keyword Search Volume SEO Position Ranking URL
lyrics 1,000,000 3
lil wayne 1,000,000 20
adele 550,000 8
valentine s day 450,000 9
demonoid 450,000 15
top 100 songs 368,000 2
zoosk 368,000 11
trey songz 301,000 13
enrique iglesias 246,000 11
beautiful 201,000 3
yout 201,000 10
aol music 201,000 12
keri hilson 165,000 11
kings of leon 165,000 9
az lyrics 135,000 4
kids 135,000 6
animal jam 135,000 9
big booty 135,000 9
taylor gang 135,000 12
lil boosie 135,000 12

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MetroLyrics SEO Competitor Keywords

Competitor Common SEO Keywords See More: 456,641 keywords 425,075 elyrics keywords 417,682 a-z lyrics keywords 414,161 wikipedia keywords 400,004 keywords 362,500 keywords 300,659 keywords 296,980 keywords 273,377 amazon keywords 251,055 keywords

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