Finding and Using Niche Keywords for Success Online

A lesson from Business 101: for big success, look for a small niche that doesn't know about you but should. Better yet, create your own niche. Then, dominate it. Simple enough, right?

Well, no. It's never been easy in the brick-and-mortar world, and it can be even more difficult on the Web. But it can be done, and here's a quick guide to doing it by first understanding the importance of niche keywords and then finding and properly using them in your online marketing.

What Are Niche Keywords?

A niche keyword is simply a keyword or keyphrase that's not heavily targeted in your market. Note those last three words – a keyword that suffers from heavy competition in one region, country, or some other context may be relatively up for grabs in another, leaving the barn doors of opportunity open for you.

Why Are Niche Keywords Important?

Niche keywords are like a fantastic beach or other vacation spot that few people currently know about. What makes it fantastic? Maybe there's a view that you won't see anywhere else. Maybe the sand is a lovely shade of blue. Or maybe the whole place is downwind of a cookie factory. Whatever makes it great, that's the niche. And because that niche is relatively untargeted, you are like a real estate developer who makes it there before almost anyone else. The result?

  • You get the jump on later competition
  • You become the one to beat
  • Your name becomes synonymous with the niche
  • You do business at a lower cost, at least to start
  • You retire early and find some other secret paradise in which to spend the rest of your days

That's why niche keywords are so important.

Finding Niche Keywords with Concentrate

If finding a niche – and the associated niche keywords – were easy, everyone would do it – and there would be no niches. But tools like Concentrate make finding the highest paying niche keywords far simpler. In fact, Concentrate allows you to explore the possibilities so quickly and pick up on trends so easily that you can create your own niches (read: rare and beautiful beaches on which you're the first to set foot).

concentrate analytics screenshots

With Concentrate, you can process enormous volumes of search keyword data from multiple sources, including Google Analytics. Concentrate takes care of all the heavy lifting, leaving you with an easy-to-understand list of actionable keywords, their relationships, and their historical performance metrics. You can consolidate queries using navigational and locational keywords, such as city and state names, to give you an even bigger edge in the marketplace. And once you have your list of candidate search phrases and pattern groups, you can download it in CSV format for further analysis using Excel and other applications.

Tips for Finding the Highest Paying Niche Keywords

Even with the help of search analytics tools like Concentrate, you'll still need to spend a little time sifting though the resulting lists to find the best quality, highest paying niche keywords. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you do:

  • Be sure that candidate niche keywords are relevant and closely related to your product, service, or subject. Otherwise, you'll end up disappointing your visitors and creating distrust.
  • Work with niches that generate high revenue per purchase ratios. A niche, by definition, is limited in size, but you can still make a great living from them if you take the time to identify the highest value opportunities.
  • Study up on the (limited) competition. Unless you're creating a niche, you'll undoubtedly run against a small number of competitors. Study their keyword strategies, see what's working for them, and then tweak your niche keywords accordingly.
  • Talk to real, live human beings. Sometimes, the best way to find out what a customer thinks is to ask. Talk to friends, family, customers, colleagues, and anyone else willing to tell you what terms they might use to explore your niche.

Using Niche Keywords

Once you've identified your highest paying niche keywords, using them is relatively easy. Just know that the standard rules apply: use the keywords in title tags and headings, within reason, and shoot for a content density of three to seven percent.

Find Your Own Little Corner of the Web with Concentrate

If you're ready to find your corner of the Web – and corner the market there – we'll be happy to help you research the possibilities. Sign up today to learn more about building your business with niche keywords and Concentrate's easy-to-use approach to niche keyword analytics.

More about Concentrate

Typical search analytics is limited to the top 100 or 200 keywords. Concentrate gives you manageable views into ALL search traffic - both your own and your competitors'.

At the heart of Concentrate is a powerful natural language algorithm that automatically discovers patterns within search query data. These patterns include keywords that share similar text strings and related words such as cities, states, product names, etc.

Finding common patterns is the key to making search data understandable and actionable.

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