What is Concentrate Search Analytics?

Concentrate is a search analytics and keyword tool that transforms search data into actionable intelligence.  It uses a proprietary natural language algorithm to automatically discover patterns and cluster keywords into similar groups.

Concentrate is data source agnostic

Concentrate data integration sources logos

This easy-to-use web application imports data from leading search analytics and intelligence solutions including Hitwise, Comscore, Trellian, Compete.com and Google Analytics. In fact, you can bring search data from just about any source – web analytics, competitive intelligence tools, paid search query reports, Google webmaster tools, industry keyword lists, etc.

With Concentrate’s actionable intelligence, you can increase organic search traffic, as well as identify long tail keyword groups with the lowest cost and highest conversion rates.

How Concentrate Solves Your Pain

A magnifying glass for keyword data

Magnifying glass for keyword data

Keyword pattern analysis is difficult to do by hand and inaccurate. Concentrate is like a magnifying glass for keyword data. It does in minutes – what would manually take weeks to compile.

Finally understand long tail keywords

Sorting through keyword data is impossible

Sorting through keywords is — let’s face it — almost impossible. Use Concentrate as a lens to view all keyword search reports – both your own and your competitors’.

Unlock a gold mine of value

Popular head keywords versus long tail

The top 100 keywords account for only 30% of search traffic or less. Mining the remaining 70% is frustrating, tedious, and time-consuming. Let Concentrate do the work for you!

Everything You Need to Understand Keyword Search Data

With Concentrate, you get actionable intelligence that enables you to increase organic search traffic and identify long tail keyword groups with the lowest cost and highest conversion rates for paid search campaigns.  Thousands of search professionals use Concentrate every day as a tool for planning, measuring, and managing keywords and search data.

What makes this all possible is the compelling experience we provide though our web application - sign up today!